Improving Patient Treatment Through Efficient Diagnoses – Introducing the Alifax Alfred AST60

The Alfred AST60 from Alifax, introduced in 2016, is a liquid based urine culture analyzer with a 60-sample capacity with the potential to test up to 480 samples per day. Samples require an analysis time of approximately 8 – 12  hours for a negative result with positive results available in 48 – 72 hours. 

The shorter Turnaround Time (TAT) to determine a negative sample affords clinicians several advantages:

  • Promptly begin therapy and avoid unnecessary antibiotics
  • Reduce the use of broad-spectrum antibiotics and decrease the spread of drug-resistant bacteria and nosocomial infections
  • Reduce the hospital length of stay (LOS) and associated costs

Specifications of the Alfred AST60

  • Liquid-based urine culture system
  • Uses light scattering technology to detect bacterial growth
  • Improves the urine processing workflow


  • A laser light is scattered by bacteria present in a BHI vial with 500µL of sample
  • Laser readings are taken every 5 minutes. Growth phases of bacteria are monitored with real time growth curves and quantitative bacterial count results
  • A negative result is available after the 8 – 12 hours of analysis time.

For positive samples, the lab will process and send the preliminary and final reports.


  • 3ml of urine sample required for testing
  • Upon collection, samples should reach the Laboratory within 2 – 4 hours in 2 – 8 °C

Contact your Key Account Manager today to learn more about the Alfred AST60.  (Please note that we are only accepting samples from within the Klang Valley at this time.)