Senior Management Biography

Nabil Fawzi

EXECUTIVE director & chief executive OFFICER

Nabil is currently the Deputy Group CEO of Pathology Asia. He is also the founding CFO, and has been instrumental in the establishment and growth of the group to becoming the largest in Southeast Asia. With over 20 years of corporate experience across the region including the last 10 years in regional healthcare and diagnostics, Nabil intends to bring Innoquest Malaysia to be the flagship clinical laboratory of Southeast Asia.  He started his career with UEM Group Berhad, a subsidiary of Khazanah Nasional Berhad, and has led and executed strategic M&A transactions over USD10 billion regionally throughout his career. Nabil is passionate in advancing access to healthcare diagnostics across the c. 680 million population of Southeast Asia.

Hedzri P Jaafar

chief of staff

Hedzri has over 17 years of experience in public listed as well as startup companies in various industries including technology, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and e-commerce in areas of business development, strategic planning and operational management. His previous engagements involved setting up and leading various start up companies to achieve sustainable status while providing key products and services to corporate and Government clients as well as international market expansion.

Adam Hathsey Bronson

Deputy ceo, west malaysia

Adam Hathsey, a medical lab scientist with an MBA in Healthcare Management, boasts nearly 20 years of experience in the lab industry and proficiency in managing a chain of hospital-based labs . Driven by quality and service, he thrives on implementing improvement processes and nurturing people’s talents. His passion lies in bridging the gap between technical expertise and impactful leadership, in the pursuit of excellence in the medical laboratory realm.

Kuna Sabapathy


Kuna comes with 25 years of operational experience in the medical laboratory field. A graduate from Swinburne University of Technology, Australia with a Bachelor of Applied Sciences, Kuna joined Clinipath Malaysia as an Administrative and Laboratory Operation Manager in 1997 and later progressed to assume the position of General Manager where she held the role for 20 years. Her expertise includes increasing process and people efficiency, strategic planning and expansion and talent management. She is a strong advocate for patient safety and fosters a culture that emphasizes quality results to ensure quality care.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Thuhairah Hasrah Abdul Rahman


Dr. Thuhairah is the Laboratory Director and Visiting Consultant Chemical Pathologist at Innoquest Diagnostics.  She has over 10 years experience as a Chemical Pathologist and was the Quality Manager of the Centre for Pathology Diagnostics and Research Laboratories, Faculty of Medicine Universiti Teknologi MARA between 2011-2019.  She is also a MS ISO 15189 Technical Assessor and is a member of the Laboratory Accreditation Evaluation Panel (LAEP) for STANDARDS Malaysia.

Dr Thanikachalam Pasupati Meenakshi


Popularly known as Dr Thani, has a been in the Anatomical Pathologist for more than three decades and has served Ministry of Seychelles as Consultant Pathologist in charge for 12 years, as Assoc Prof and Head of Department in International Medical University (IMU) for 6 years and Consultant Histopathologist in Clinipath Malaysia for more than 13 years. With vast experience in autopsy, research work, IHC, EUS FNA cytology and digital pathology, he is currently in Anatomical Pathology for Innoquest Pathology Malaysia. He has innumerable publications to his credit and has won many awards.

Sumitha Bernadette Mahathevan


Sumitha has been associated with the Medical Laboratory industry for over 17 years. From being a Medical Lab Scientist at the earlier days in her career, she has foreseen many interesting roles encompassing policy creation, implementation and its enforcement, medical laboratory setup as well as defining and automating lab processes. In 2015 she was appointed as a technical assessor with the Department of Standards Malaysia (SAMM).

Lilly Pushpam

General Manager, Clinical Operations

Lilly holds a basic science degree with a post graduate diploma in Medical microbiology (IMR) and served the medical industry for more than 36 years with rooted experience in microbiology and laboratory technology. She pioneered Lablink(M)Sdn. Bhd in 1989, established all sections of the entire lab and moved on to Gleneagles Intan Medical Centre in 1999 and accelerated the growth of the Microbiology section. In 2006 she joined Prince Court Medical Centre and was involved in setting up the Laboratory with appropriate instrumentation, LIS systems and total quality management. Today, as the General Manager Clinical Operations she oversees the operations of HQ, branches and hospital laboratories and is very much involved in the expansion and business growth of  Innoquest Pathology

Dr Nelson Nheu

Senior Advisor (Pathology Asia)

Dr Nelson Nheu was the CEO for Innoquest Pathology Sdn. Bhd. from 2020 to 2023 before taking on his new role as a Senior Advisor with Pathology Asia. He has more than 6 years of clinical experience in the Australian private and public healthcare, primarily in emergency and intensive care medicine; 6 years of managerial experience in healthcare (running labs and medical app companies); and over 12 years of investment and managerial experience in various other industries. He is passionate about quality and best practices in healthcare, particularly in the digitalization of an otherwise traditional industry.